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  1. Your new idea sounds really intriguing! I agree about starting new things. Am so over the revs I'm doing at the moment and can't wait to throw myself into something fresh.
    Interesting that you've become a plotter too – do you think that's one of the things that made the final difference for you!?

  2. Yay for a new, fresh shiny idea! Must be nice to have that outline and know some potential pitfalls have been headed off before you start.
    You aren't scared it will take away some of the excitememnt? I guess 5 pages leaves you a fair bit of how they get there room!!
    Good luck!!

  3. Plotter v's panster . . . I certainly think it's helped me become more productive Rach. The book that was accepted by Special Edition was done without any plotting at all, though, and wrote itself in a couple of months. In saying that, it's since had many, many revisions/edits/re-writes etc, including the last lot of revisions for my editor. The biggest difference I see now in myself as a writer to where I was a couple of years ago is approach – I mean, I made a commitment to think of it as a business and read every SSE I could to understand what the editors were buying. I knew the line I wanted and entered RWA chapter contests where the final judge was the SSE editor I was aiming for. After a few finals I got the request for the full MS. After that it was a round of revisions and then acceptance. From the time I first wrote the book to the call from my agent it was two years. Now I'm discovering that plotting is helping me stay on track and keep up my productivity. H 🙂

  4. I think as we grow as writers, we learn that there is a need for at least some specific plotting otherwise we get ourselves in a 'fix' with our story and chracters tearing off doing stuff we have to haul them back from. But then, of course that could be a good thing too!
    Good on you Helen for developing your plotting skills. (Am envious!) Plotting for me is hard graft, i love writing the characters' backstory, but the actual plot/GMC of the book can be a struggle. Oh, well, i'll keep on ploding and plotting. What's that saying about the snail – getting there in the end!


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