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  1. We have a huge shed and I am allowed my corner for my treadmill but that is about it. Hubby likes to disappear in there to get and do ‘stuff’… mysterious indeed.

    Love a fixer hero too!

  2. Hi Helen,

    OOh, I do like a “fixer-upperer”! What man doesn’t look hot with a tool belt on and grease on his cheeks 🙂 My DH is handy with the tools too and as a family of Revheads, it’s just as well! Add that to us being BIG Holden/GM fans and you have a shed full of car bits and a garage full of toys. Love the Torana. I’m still looking for my FJ Ute … scarce as hen’s teeth 🙂

    Loved this post, Helen. Thanks

    Regards, Juanita

  3. Oh Helen
    Sigh… how true….

    We have a shed for the boat and the fishing rods and the tinkering with all things marine. We have a massive workshop full of benches, lathes, vices and many things powerful yet unknown to me. Do you know how many varieties of power saws there are…..
    However, there are still many hours in the day for the continuous fishing shows on Foxtel!

    We have a son in law who works at Bunnings and often has a “run out fantastic not to be missed” deal on the last of something powered!

    We have a son who has a 1964 Mercedes in thousands of pieces who is talking about moving home to the coast again and could he and his wife live with us for a while as they search for a house….

    And then… I get the’ look’ if I spend several consecutive hours at the computer.

    Men and their sheds… a worthwhile subject for a whole sociological study!

  4. Ah the shed. Being a single girl I don’t have one, but I do remember the man cave well: source of mysterious clunking sounds, the odd curse, and cricket on the radio in summer time. Smelt like grease and was inhabited by huge huntsman spiders and the odd carpet snake. Definitely not a female domain!

  5. The smell of grease is something we never forget even through the passage of time. The spiders are a nice touch too. As for the snakes . . . shudder. I’ll happily stay indoors 🙂

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