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  1. Hi Helen. What a fantastic subject, I so enjoyed reading it. As far as my favourite cowboy goes it would have to be Kevin Costner in the movie Dancing with Wolves. I never tire of watching him and he was definitely a man of integrity.

    • I love Dances with Wolves Lee – it’s one of my favorite movies. I had a mad crush on Kevin K in the nineties. Remember him in Prince of theives telling Marion he’d die for her? Ah . . . swoon.

  2. Really interesting post. i love reading about cowboys but am struggling to pick a fave…. hmmm… maybe it’s those pics that are distracting me.

  3. Yes, there’s something interesting and intriguing about a cowboy. The way he sits in the saddle, his back straight, his hat pulled low over his eyes, his strong hands holding the reins in the same way he’d hold the love of his life: more than enough to get a girl’s blood racing.

    I don’t have a favourite, Helen. I’m drawn to all cowboys.

  4. How delicious to be reminded that cowboys not only look and smell good, they are good for you! Great post Helen. I’ll be revisiting my “Thelma and Louise” fantasy with Brad Pitt in a cowboy hat (in my dreams).

  5. Hi Helen, I don’t know about women in general but I was swooning over some of your descriptions. Oh to be that temperamental filly! I live in a rural area and have no shame in looking over my shoulder to watch a Wrangler clad butt saunter by! love it, and loved your blog.

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