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The advantages of wonderful writing group and great CP — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Helen, totally agree about having support from CPs and groups. It can take a while though finding the right fit. But when you do – yahoo. It's wonderful that you've all been together for so long. That in itself is something to celebrate.
    Merry Christmas
    Jane Beckenham

  2. Sounds like you've developed a great network of support. People on one's side are so valuable in those hard moments that happen in writing and fun in the celebrating ones. Of course, Cp's are also worth their weight in gold. Particularly when they happily read something they've read a million times before (by the way, thanks *grin*).

  3. Helen, having trusted critique partners is an important part of the writing process. I agree. Without honest feedback there is no room for improvement.

  4. Support and motivation are key, together with the valued input from critique partners. The network of the writing community is an incredible bonus.

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