Made For Marriage

Equestrian Callie Jones was used to the difficult parents at her riding school, but Noah Preston took the cake. How dare he question her teaching abilities, especially after his daughter stole a ride on – and fell off – Callie’s most prized horse!

Single dad Noah never expected to feel a spark when arguing with his daughter’s headstrong riding instructor. Worse, Callie is resolutely single. But soon Noah’s seeing beyond her sass to a shattered heart in need of healing. Could he make her see that he – and his family – were for keeps?

His–And–Hers Family

Fourteen years ago, Fiona Walsh made the most difficult decision of her life: to give her daughter up for adoption. So when the opportunity for a reunion came knocking in the form of her daughter’s sexy uncle, she opened the door to her past…

Businessman Wyatt Harper liked his life carefully ordered, and as Cecily’s guardian, her welfare came first. Yet his searing attraction to Fiona turned his entire world upside down. But Wyatt had been burned badly before. Could Fiona’s tender ways win his scarred heart – and turn them into a family?

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