Secrets of the A-List (Episode 5 of 12) (A Secrets of the A-List Title) & Giveaway News!

I was delighted to be asked to participate in this sexy serial for Harlequin – The Secrets of The A-List. The series is a collaboration between nearly a dozen Harlequin Authors from various series lines. It was something very different from the stories I write for Harlequin Special Edition and I loved having the opportunity to stretch and try something away from my usual home and heart kind of books. The serial is about a rich, successful Californian family, whose patriarch is out of action and the rest of the familyclearly have agendas of their own – kind of like Revenge meets Dynasty means Ray Donovan meets The Bold & The Beautiful. It’s a rich tapestry of sex, love, intrigue. I hope you enjoy it!


Sex, shopping…and scandal!

Tensions are running high in the Marshall clan—but temptations are running higher. Escaping to Paris for some pre-wedding shopping, Elana and Rafe come face-to-face with a mysterious stranger—one with an explosive secret link to their family. And speaking of connections—those are some white-hot sparks flying between Mariella and Joe. But who spies their tryst with her little eye?

Super Rich. Super Sexy. Super Addictive.


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A Fortunes of Texas Christmas

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Fortunes of Texas Christmas

by Helen Lacey

Giveaway ends November 27,

A Fortunes of Texas Christmas


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Cover Reveal: A Fortunes of Texas Christmas (The Fortunes of Texas)

Dear Readers, I have a lovely new cover to share for my November 2017 Harlequin Special Edition book, A Fortune of Texas Christmas (The Fortunes of Texas) I’m so delighted to be a part of the Fortune’s continuity, as I have read many Fortune’s books over the years. And I loved writing this story. The hero is French and the heroine a Texas gal through to her bones and the cover has captured them exactly as I imagined they would be. The book is released in December and out in time for Christmas…


A Fortunes of Texas Christmas


The Yuletide season brings something très magnifique to Austin, Texas, in the form of sexy French entrepreneur Amersen Beaudin. The sexy but standoffish playboy has zero interest in meeting his newly discovered Fortune relatives, least of all the man who is his biological father. But when matriarch Kate Fortune dangles an all-too-attractive business proposition, he is too intrigued to stay away. And once he meets Kate’s beautiful gardener, Robin Harbin, he starts to rethink his holiday plans…

A spicy affair with the blonde, blue-eyed Texan is now at the top of Amersen’s wish list. But all Robin wants for Christmas is the flirty Parisian’s heart and soul. Can she convince him that love—and family—can lead to a joyeux Noël?


You can pre-order it at Amazon Kindle or Amazon Paperback. And add to your Goodreads reading list.  For more buying links, please check A Fortunes of Texas Christmas page.

The Rancher’s Unexpected Family Giveaway!

Currently we have The Rancher’s Unexpected Family (Book #5 of The Cedar River Cowboys) giveaway for signed copies at Goodreads.


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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Rancher's Unexpected Family by Helen Lacey

The Rancher’s Unexpected Family

by Helen Lacey

Giveaway ends August 30, 2017.

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Cover Reveal! The Rancher’s Unexpected Family (The Cedar River Cowboys, #5)

Dear Readers, I have a lovely new cover to share for my August 2017 Harlequin Special Edition book, The Rancher’s Unexpected Family. This is Book 5 of my The Cedar River Cowboy series.

I simply adore this cover – maybe my favorite so far (although I think I say that every time I get a new cover). But this one is so incredibly warm and utterly romantic. And the hero, Cole, is exactly as I imagined he would be – tall, dark and handsome! Just what the usually unlucky-in-love Ash needs. Here it is:



1 Cowgirl Cop + 1 Single Dad = Double the Desire!

Running a ranch for troubled kids, policing the town and raising a son—Ash McCune is in complete control of her hectic life. Till one sexy single dad arrives on her Cedar River ranch with his daughter. Cole Quartermaine is rich, successful, a good father. But in weeks, he’s leaving. So why does he make her feel something she hasn’t felt in years—like a woman?

Cole needs this ranch to connect with his newfound daughter. What he doesn’t need is a jaw-dropping attraction to the cowgirl cop who runs it. Nor hero worship from her son. He’s got three weeks to resist her and return to the city, a party of two…or stay and make a family of four.

I hope you enjoy Ash and Cole’s story.

You can pre-order it at Amazon Kindle or Amazon Paperback. And add to your Goodreads reading list.  For more buying links, please check The Rancher’s Unexpected Family page. 


In other news, winner of my #PreOrder for Married to the Mom-To-Be has been drawn and awarded. And there were some runner-ups who won eCopies of the book. Congratulations all!


Cover Reveal: Married to the-Mom-To-Be (The Cedar River Cowboys, Book 4)

Dear Readers, I have a lovely new cover to share for my April 2017 Harlequin Special Edition book, Married to the Mom-To-Be. This is Book 4 of my The Cedar River Cowboy series. I really adore this cover – maybe my favorite so far. It looks so warm and romantic. Isn’t it just lovely? So here it is:


She’s late. That kind of late…

Kayla Rickard always planned to marry and start a family—with the right man. Then she met Liam O’Sullivan. Once she sampled passion in his arms, she forgot the feud that separated their families for decades. Now Kayla’s in two times the trouble. She’s secretly married to—and pregnant by—public enemy number one.

After eloping to Vegas, the scion of the O’Sullivan empire wants to come clean. Liam wants his wife—at his side, in his bed. He’ll do whatever it takes, even get to the bottom of the feud. But are he and Kayla prepared for the bombshells they’ll uncover? They have no choice—because in nine months their little secret will be born!

You can pre-order it at Amazon Kindle or Amazon Paperback. And add to your Goodreads reading list.  For more buying links, please check Married to the Mom-To-Be page. 

And if you like you can PreOrder‬ Married to the Mom-To Be (The Cedar River Cowboys, Book 4) by Harlequin Special Edition and go in the draw to win $50 Amazon Gift Card. Forward the Amazon invoice to

And in other news I received the title of my next book, it is called The Rancher’s Unexpected Family and is scheduled for August 2017 from Harlequin Special Edition.

A Lot Like Love ……

That’s the title of my latest independently released romance. And it’s available here on Amazon just in time for Valentines Day!


Mark Dennison will do anything to save his daughters life…even if that means reconnecting with the one person he never wants to see again. The woman who killed his wife.

After her twin sister’s death, Catherine McLeod gave up all hope of seeing her young niece ever again. But when Mark rocks up on her doorstep and announces she’s the only one who can save Sophie, she’s prepared to do whatever she can to help. Which doesn’t include falling for the one man she can never have. A man who can never discover her secret promise.

Happy Reading!

Release Day…..The Cattleman’s Proposal

I’m so excited about this book….it’s my first foray into indie publishing and the first book in my  Cattlemans_Proposal_200

The Men Of Mulhany Crossing series.

It’s the story of four men from a small outback town who have been lifelong friends and the women who love them.

The Cattleman’s Proposal is Nate’s story and I simply loved writing this guy. He’s tough and just a little bit arrogant and he certainly meets his match in the spirited heroine.

It’s available exclusively at Amazon

Warm Wishes


Aussie Cover For Date With Destiny….

I just wanted to share the cover for my August release Date With Destiny.

This book is available for pre-order now. DWDAustCover

Date With Destiny received a fabulous 4 1/2 star review from RT Book Reviews ……..

“A near-fatal brush with danger brings Grace Preston back to Australia to heal. Her ice princess mask is firmly in place to hide the vulnerable misfit inside — especially from cop, and first love, Cameron Jakowski. Could there be a chance for them this time around? Lacey’s down-under, second-chance romance is an emotional journey worth taking. Her couple’s road back to love is a bumpy ride but one that’s worth every heart-wrenching moment, and the love scenes are a sensual delight.”

I’m doing a blog tour to celebrate the release which starts on 24th July…. will post dates and places next week!


New Cover…..Date With Destiny

I have a sparkly new cover for my August Harlequin Special Edition release, Date with Destiny…… DWD2

I just love the new look covers and this one really sets the scene for Grace and Cameron’s story.

I’ve had many readers asking me when the ultra cool and closed-off Grace will meet her match and am so happy that she finally gets her happy ending.

And I’m doing a blog tour to celebrate the release of Date with Destiny in August with books and other give-aways so I hope you can join me!

Release Day …… His-And-Hers Family ….

My third Harlequin Special Edition, His-And-Hers Family is released today!

I’ve had so many reader emails asking me about Fiona Walsh, the good natured and bubbly schoolteacher who played a part in my first two books which were also set in the small town of Crystal Point.  I’m delighted that she finds her own happy ever after in His-And-Hers Family.

It’s available here from Harlequin …..

Or here from Amazon …..

I hope you enjoy Fiona and Wyatt’s story and I look forward to inviting you back to Crystal Point very soon.