Giveaways! Her Secret Texas Valentine (The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunes)


Welcome to Texas! And to my latest book for Harlequin Special Edition, Her Secret Texas Valentine.

I’m delighted to once again have the opportunity to write a story for the Fortunes of Texas continuity.
When sweet (but slightly spoiled) Valene Fortunado hooks up to a dating app, she has no idea she is about to meet a man who isn’t anything like what she imagined she wanted. Cowboy Jake Brockton doesn’t tick any of her boxes.

She was looking for a suit…and instead found a Stetson! But attraction is a funny thing. And so is love, as this seemingly mismatched pair quickly discover.

Jake has been badly burned in love in the past and has no real desire to get back into the saddle. But Valene is hard to resist…and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, he soon realizes they are a perfect match after all. Of course, the road to their happy ending is rocky, but true love always wins in the end.
I hope you enjoy Jake and Valene’s story. I love hearing from readers, so feel free to contact me via my website, to talk about cowboys, horses and books!


Leave a comment below and go in to win:

1. $100 Amazon Gift Card for one reader who preorders ‘Her Secret Texas Valentine‘ and forwards the Amazon receipt to 

2. A signed copy of ‘Her Secret Texas Valentine‘ for one reader. 

3. Three readers would win Kindle Copies of ‘Her Secret Texas Valentine.




Giveaways! Her Secret Texas Valentine (The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunes) — 17 Comments

  1. I read my first harlequin at thirteen! Fifty years ago! I always thought they were fun reading! Congratulations on getting in to print! My favorites are historical fiction. My mom wrote one back in 1982. She self published.

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