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Interview with Laura O’Connell — 12 Comments

  1. What a lovely route to inspiration for your book. I have had a great deal to do with Russian orphans/adoption and can relate to what we see out in this world. Such hardship. At 16 the Russian orphans are tossed out into the wild world, with no where to go, and no family to fall back on. Many don’t make it.
    Congratulations on your debut novel, i wish you luck for the future.
    Jane Beckenham

    • Thanks for your congrats, Jane, and thanks for telling me about the Russian orphans. I didn’t know about them being out in the world after they turned sixteen. I’m not surprised some of them don’t make it.

  2. So lovely to hear the background behind Laura’s book. I’ve read “African Hearts” and loved it. Kam was a gorgeous hero! Great interview Helen.

  3. Finally, a very special thank you, Helen for interviewing me. I’m looking forward to the release of your debut novel in January, 2012. Thanks so much for being part of my journey. 🙂

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