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  1. What a lovely story. I’ll never forget my first horse, I had to wait until I was 30 before I got her, but she was perfect. She always looked after me, and as soon as my son was old enough (3) he used to ride on her back clutching her rug when we brought her in from the muddy field. But if any other experienced rider tried to boss her around she’d soon sort them out. She’s now living out a happy retirement 🙂
    I think what you say is so true, timing can be everything. Things happen when they’re supposed to!

    • Hi Susie – always great to meet another horsey gal 🙂 I had a fifteen year gap in between owning my first two horses and getting Sharnah and Jack five years ago. Churchill once said that the best thing for the inside of a man or a woman, was the outside of a horse – I so agree. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Helen, lovely post, and i can relate, i’m so besotted with my dog Bingo. We adopted him after his 1st owners abused him (at only 4months old). He could have been a mean dog, but he is awesome, so loving and so very much loved in return. Neil was taking him to school (where he is the caretaker) last weekend, and Bingo started crying with excitement when Neil and he were still 2 roads away from the school! I just adore my dog. It’s really an emotion i can’t explain.


  3. What I didn;t say in the blog is that Zeb used to be a racehorse, and when retired became a showjumper . . . but his lazy nature meant he was passed a round a bit by a few owners. Lucky me I say 🙂

    • Thanks CC. Yeah, I did kinda fall in love when I first saw him. And he’s very sweet. And tall, dark and handsome. The tallness can be a bit of a worry – although there’s no shame in using a ladder. Thanks for dropping in.

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