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    • Thanks for dropping by Patti. And thank you for thinking Sharnah is beautiful. She is a darling and very much loved by my hubby and me and all the local kids. I have a fifteen year break before getting back into the saddle five years ago – and it truly is like riding a bike – you never forget 🙂

  1. Lovely post, Helen. I can relate very much to your love of horses. Looking forward to the next one about Zeb. 17.3 hands is a whole lot of gee-gee!

    My favourite horse book would have to be Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion….and all the books that followed in the series. I couldn’t read enough of those babies when I was a wee lassie. They were so fantastically romantic. Perfect for a dreamy-eyed horse mad girl.

    • Cathryn, I love The Black Stallion. Can’t believe I forget to add it to the list. And you’re right, 17.3 hands is one big steed (But there’s no shame in using a ladder to get up!) Thanks so much for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Sharnah is gorgeous (and she does look like a Barbie horse!). So glad you enjoyed War Horse. And I’m looking forward to reading more about horses on your blog. I love the idea of Horse Tails blogs!

  3. She’s so lovely. I was that little girl who dreamed of her too! You’ve reminded me of some of the books i need to get for my princess.

  4. Beautiful horse Helen! I was very horsey as a teenager but grew out of it. I still like going for a ride though. She looks very gentle. Good luck with the Horse Tails Blog. Great name.

  5. Hi Lee – thanks for dropping by. And yes, Sharnah is a gentle girl. She has a few bad habits though – like getting her on a horse trailer is a nightmare. But to ride she is a dream. Great to see you here and hope you can come back for more Horse Tails!

  6. Hi Helen, I rode a horse once and nearly fell off and have been a little hesitant ever since. I love stories about horses though. 🙂 Sharnah is a beautiful horse. Love her colour. Looking forward to more horse tales.

  7. Hi Laura – thanks for stopping by. I have fallen off a few times – not so bad on Sharnah because she;s short – on Zeb though, who;s 17.3hh – a different story 🙂 Just have to hand on tighter!

  8. Your horse is beautiful!! When I was a little girl, I kind of got into horses mostly because most of my fellow little girls at school loved them. haha. But of course I think they’re beautiful creatures too. I was looking back on a diary entry I wrote when I was 10, where I mentioned driving down south of where I live and seeing little lambs and “Caliminos” in the fields (by Caliminos I actually meant Palominos. ;)).

    Anyway, I actually stopped by to say I just finished your book, MADE FOR MARRIAGE, and I really enjoyed the read!! Noah was a totally swoon-worthy hero, so thank you for giving him to me for a little while at least. haha. I will say you sure know how to write a sexy man!!

  9. Hey Helen

    I loved War Horse, but sobbed through it. I will buy it – and put it alongside the Note Book in the watch only when needing a good cry pile….

    War horse reminded me about a book I read as a kid Thunderhead, by Mary O’Hara ( rather it was read to me as I didn’t read well at that age…) the follow on from My Friend Flicka. Where the horse triumphs, no matter what the odds are.

    You take care – 17.3 is a long fall down… but enjoy that gallop along the beach!

    Bye 4 now

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